Saturday, April 5, 2008

weird dream

Man last night I had this crazy dream. I was at work and everything was fine, when all of a sudden this man came in, at first I thought hey maybe he's just a little intoxicated ( I do work at ABC Fine Wine and Spirits after all). His walking pattern seems a little too uncontrolled and slow. I come around the counter to help him out and he attacks me. I have this huge gash in my arm now from where he bit me. I take him outside and tell him not to come back, clean off the wound (hoping it doesn't get infected). Later that evening I head over to a friends house where we're having a get together, I start talking to my friend Josh and he told me that a similar event happened to him that night at his work. The night goes on, when all of a sudden I'm not feeling so hot. I start loosing my vision, start getting weak. I sit down for a second and then I pass out. Next thing I know I have a craving for brains and human flesh (odd I know). I start biting people that are next to me, no one pays too much attention to it at first. Then all of a sudden Josh starts doing the same thing. People start leaving and freaking out. I just kept going. Some start freaking out from the bites, others just from not knowing what is going on. Josh starts attacking more people, I just attempt to do the same. Finally the last person is left that hasn't been bitten, everyone that has already been chomping start heading towards them. And it's over.

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