Sunday, April 6, 2008

another one bites the dust

So another week goes by, it seems like time just speeds up more and more when I am actually doing something I enjoy. School has been amazing (even if it was the first week). Beginning Drawing is going to be an awesome class, I can already tell. Crazy instructor but how can you have a drawing class without having a screw loose. Principles of Design is going to be a little tough with the measuring and the lines oh my, but definitely will be a good challenge for my techniques. College Algebra, ah what can I say about you math? You are the lover that never goes away, you will be fun to say the least. Computer Concepts, the only reason why you exist Blog is because of this class, if I were you I would thank Mrs. Brown for bringing you into existence, you are now part of the ever growing digital contacts that I have on this massive web. At some point I plan on posting some work on here, but for the time being you will be the place I tell my tales and adventures. You seem like a good listener. I shall keep you.

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